Angel Fire Small Animal Hospital is a veterinary practice providing care for small animals (ie. dogs/puppies, cats/kittens, hamsters, guinea pigs, etc.)

Angel Fire Small Animal Hospital offers medical services including examinations, some in-house bloodwork, surgery, Xrays, dentistry (including advanced dentistry i.e. root canals), and emergency care. 

    Routinely, spays, neuters, teeth cleanings and other surgical procedures will be done in the morning so your pet can go home in the late afternoon. Feline declaws will be kept overnight to confine them and decrease chances of postoperative bleeding.  Elective surgery and teeth cleanings are usually scheduled for Tuesday, Wednesday and Fridays.

     If you have an emergency with your pet and the hospital is closed for normal business, please follow the instructions on the hospital's answering machine.  Most of the time, the answering machine says to call Dr. Gaffney directly at home at 575-377-5968.  It may also advise you to try to reach her on her cell phone at 575-613-3609.  When Dr. Gaffney is not available for emergencies, the answering machine at the hospital will tell you when she will be back in town or refer you to another veterinarian for emergencies.  You can leave any non-emergency messages on our answering machine. Calls are normally returned the next work-day morning. 

Advanced Services:

  Auxillary services offered by Angel Fire Small Animal Hospital are services for birds, small mammals, and other exotic pets.  Dr. Gaffney worked for 3 years for a practice in Tulsa Oklahoma that saw most of the exotic animals in Tulsa and often from as far away as Missouri and Kansas. 

  Also, advanced dental procedures such as root canals, jaw fracture repair, periodontal surgery are available.  Dr. Gaffney is not considered an expert in dentistry (veterinarians have to be board certified as an expert), but she has a lot of continuing education hours spent on dentistry and can perform a lot of specialized procedures.