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Angel Fire Small Animal Hospital has a comfortable and fun boarding facility for dogs and cats located at Dr. Susan Gaffney's residence.  Your pet can rest comfortably in our boarding facility and you can rest on vacation because you know your pet is in a clean safe facility with veterinary supervision.

Vet Pet Resort has nine 4' by 8' indoor runs for dogs.  The front of the building has a sliding glass door and large picture windows so that the dogs can see the beautiful views, the ski mountain, pasture and stream.  Dogs are walked 2 times a day for 10 to 15 minutes.  Cats are housed in kitty condos.  The condos have a clear back and back up to a big window so that cats also have a view of the outdoors.  The condos have resting shelves, and are multiple levels.

Each animal staying with us is given a separate living space unless you request that your animals be housed together.  One client boards all 3 of her dogs in one run.  Although the 3 dogs are about 50 pounds each, they are very comfortable together in the spacious run.  The client likes it that all of her dogs can be together while they stay with us.  The dogs like it too! 

All boarding animals must be current on vaccinations, however, we take extra caution to disinfect surfaces between animals and avoid any risk of spreading illness between boarding animals.  Animals from separate families are not allowed to comingle: thereby, avoiding any bitewounds or other accidents.

There is a fenced play-yard outside the kennel for playtimes with your pet.  In addition to the 2 walks that are included in the boarding fee, you can request optional playtimes which cost $4.00 each. You can buy up to 2 playtimes per day for your pet or ask for just a couple during his stay with us.  We'll play ball, play tetherball, take them for a long hike outside the playyard, or anything else you'd like.  "Dude" likes to play soccer and "Sassy" likes to go on long walks.

We feed Purina adult cat food to cats and Purina's prescription CNM-EN diet to dogs.  CNM stands for Clinical Nutritional Managemenet.  EN stands for enteritis diet.  This food is specifically designed to be easily digested for dogs that may get stress colitis from being separated from their owners.  CNM-EN is one of the best tasting, easily-converted-to-diets available.  However, if you want to bring your pet's own food we are happy to feed them according to your directions.

The best benefit of all to boarding with Vet Pet Resort is veterinary supervision.  If you have an older pet or a pet on regular medication, you can rest assured that your pet is safe with us.  We monitor appetite, activity level, and all bodily functions. 

Overnight boarding is $18.00 per night for dogs, $15.00 for cats; there is a discount for multiple pets.    You can check your pet in/out between 7:30 and 10:00 AM or between 4:00 and 7:00 PM, but we must be made aware of your approximate drop-off / pick-up times so there is time for the runs to be cleaned for the next guest - just like when humans check in and out of a hotel room! 

Please come see the magnificent views, and comfortable facility.  We'd love to care for your pet for you! 

Directions to the boarding facility: From the blinking light intersection at Hwy 64 and Hwy 434 drive west on Hwy 64 about 1/2 a mile. Turn right, or north, into the Taos Pines entrance, this is a dirt road. There is a fire station at the turn-in to Taos Pines. Drive exactly 1.1 miles to the Gaffney's driveway entrance. There is a small wooden sign that says, "Vet Pet Resort" at the entrance of their driveway. The house has a green roof and the boarding facility has a red roof. Give yourself about 15-20 minutes to drive to the kennel and get your pet checked-in. Depending on the time of year, the road could be muddy or snow covered - so take your time.